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Let’s face it: without leads (potential customers calling or emailing you interested in the services you offer) your business simply won’t succeed. Let Smit Media Group leverage years of online marketing experience and the power of the internet to help your business reach new heights.

Here’s why you should partner with us:

  • We can provide you with steady flow of quality and targeted leads on a daily basis.
  • With our affordable lead pricing it’s easy for you to grow your business and get a positive ROI.
  • Leads are delivered exclusively to one business.
  • Phone calls less than 30 seconds do not get billed.
  • All our leads are fresh & generated in real time. No outdated email or customer lists used EVER!
  • We can start sending you leads within a matter of days.
  • Our focus is to establish long term partnerships – delivering quality leads is what we’re all about!


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